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  • "The Preston Genealogy" - L. A. Wilson and William Bowker Preston, Deseret News, 1900
  • "The Stevens and allied families" - Pat M. Stevens IV
  • The Preston Family Bible -

Are you a Preston descendent?

Are Your Related to the Prestons of Smithfield?

Between the years of 1717 and 1776, approximately 250,000 Scots-Irish people emigrated from Ulster, Ireland to America. A great number of these settled in the Valley of Virginia. Among these were the forebears of the Prestons of Smithfield. 

The Preston family has built a rich legacy of accomplishment and leadership.  Should you wish to inquire about the genealogy of the family of William and Susanna Preston, please contact Mr. Ray Scott at  Mr. Scott is a Preston descendent and enjoys helping with the genealogy of his family.


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