Day Sponsors 2017

  • Bill and Judy Foster, August 5, 2017    In celebration of their Wedding Anniversary
  • Dr. Anne Hager, August 1, 2017    In Memory of Dr. Richard Eugene Hager
  • Karen and Curt Finch,  July 5, 2017   In celebration of their Wedding Anniversary

Event Sponsors 2017

  • HHHunt, April 16, 2017    Easter Egg Hunt
  • Lanford Brothers,  October 2017   Spirit Trail and Hallowed Hayride 

  • HHHunt, September 24, 2017    Swinging to the 40's
                                                             WWII Veterans Salute with Profiles of Honor Traveling Exhibit

  • HHHunt, October 1, 2017   Harvest Celebration


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Day Sponsors

Day Sponsorships that commemorate special days in a donor’s life assist the ongoing operations at Historic Smithfield.  A Day Sponsorship will honor or memorialize a loved one, event or life experience.  Birthdays, anniversaries, a family memorial or a day that is significant to your family are examples of special days that are remembered in this tangible way. 

Donors are honored on their “day” with a posting at Historic Smithfield and in the periodic Newsletters throughout the year and on this website.

To inquire about a Day Sponsorship, please contact the Museum Administrator at or by calling 540.231.3947. 

Gifts to Historic Smithfield are fully tax-deductible under the current Federal Tax Code.

Day Sponsors 2016

  • LTC Victor M. Gardener, USMC (Ret), March 22, 2016    In Memory of Brockenrough Lamb, Jr.
  • Beth and Greg Carter, June 4, 2016    In Honor of the wedding of Alex Carter and Rachel Donnelly
  • Brown Insurance Agency,  July 4, 2016    
  • Karen and Curt Finch, July 5, 2016    In celebration of their Wedding Anniversary
  • Will and Doris McElfresh, July 13, 2016    In celebration of their Wedding Anniversary
  • Dr. Anne Hager, August 1, 2016    In Memory of Rev. Dr. Richard Eugene Hager, loving husband
  • Bill and Judy Foster, August 5, 2016    In celebration of their Wedding Anniversary
  • Bill and Judy Foster, September 21, 2016    A Special Day
  • Ray Scott, November 30, 2016    In celebration of their Wedding Anniversary