Donate goods or services for a tax deduction.  If you have something you think could help Smithfield, please contact us!

As a Sustainable Donor, you will earn exclusive benefits as you make monthly contributions.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Give online or mail a check to 1000 Smithfield Plantation Road

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Looking for a way to make a difference? Join our team of talented and enthusiastic volunteers! We are always looking for passionate people from all backgrounds.  Contact us to learn more!

Sustaining Donor

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The Smithfield-Preston Foundation is an independent 501(c) (3), and depends on your tax-deductible donations. With your help, Smithfield serves Southwest Virginia and beyond as it upholds its values of Courage, Leaders​hip, and Education. It fosters perspective from the past, insight for the present, and inspiration for the future.

There are many ways to give. 

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