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Grounds and Gardens

Historic Smithfield is more than just a wonderful, original historic home.  The grounds and gardens supplement an understanding of life in 1774.  The kitchen garden and heirloom orchard both recall the agricultural reality of the time - that of growing food for family survival.  The high ground location of Historic Smithfield attests to Preston’s foresight and awareness of the need for family protection. 

The Historic Smithfield garden is designed as a demonstration garden rather than as a restoration.  The garden displays a variety of authentic 18th century plants, many of which were mentioned in Preston family documents.  In addition to being presented for visitors to enjoy, the garden offers historic lessons of sustainability and self-reliance.


The heirloom plants represented in the Historic Smithfield garden were utilized for a variety of purposes including food for humans and livestock, culinary and medicinal plants, pest deterrents, dye plants, and plants used in making and treating textiles.  The garden reflects the concern the frontier settlers had for providing their own sustenance as well as crops for trade. ​In addition to the garden, a modest heirloom orchard has been planted.  ​Apple, pear, plum and cherry varieties of the period, documented in Preston papers, thrive near the Cider House.

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