In order to accommodate COVID-19 precautions and social distancing in the house, tour groups should include no more than 5 people, unless the group is of the same household. If a group includes more than 5 people not of the same household, an additional interpreter will be scheduled to assist with the tour, and the tour pricing will increase to the second price point, detailed below.

Pricing for Tours By Appointment
Tour groups of 1 - 5 people (unless of the same household): $30
Tour groups of 5 - 10 (unless of the same household): $60
Tour groups of more than 10, email: to receive a quote and to discuss your visit details.

*Disclaimer: Availability varies, preferred time and day are not always guaranteed. We will try our best to accommodate your tour request.

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Private Tours of Smithfield's Manor House

Join us for a tour of the Smithfield Manor Home led by our knowledgeable staff interpreters. We are excited to offer private, guided tours  Monday - Friday.
​Pre-registration for these tours is required 24 hours in advance of a preferred visit date.

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