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Teacher Resources (K-12)

​Virginia Standards of Learning
Mapping History with Smithfield

On the eve of the American Revolution, the Virginia back country was a place of colliding cultures, clashing ideals and physical danger. Learn the history and culture of those who shaped our young country. 

A visit to Historic Smithfield will enhance the learning of American History.  Such a visit can assist students in understanding the role played by those living in and around Historic Smithfield in the early years of the Old Dominion and the United States of America.

Teachers and school groups are invited to visit Historic Smithfield for a unique and hands-on learning experience.  Tour the Manor House, visit the working blacksmith forge and gain a sense of life as it was at the time of the American Revolution.  Or, check out our Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) materials to incorporate Historic Smithfield into your classroom.  Other ways for young people to engage are the Junior Guild Program and internship opportunities.  

The materials included here are keyed to the Virginia Standards of Learning (“SOL”) for 4th grade students and are meant to illustrate how a visit to Historic Smithfield can help teach the SOLs.  The Historic Smithfield SOL units were created by a group comprised of an elementary school principal, two secondary level history teachers, and a university Dean of Education. They were constantly reviewed by groups of teachers in public schools, as well as teachers involved in home schooling, as they were developed.  Visits to Historic Smithfield by students are encouraged; the materials are available for use by all teachers free of charge.

The material on our web site is only part of the complete SOL kit. To check-out an SOL kit, please contact Kenna Jewell, Program Coordinator, kjewell@historicsmithfield.org

  • Unit 1 - Physical Geography
  • Unit 2 - Native Americans
  • Unit 3 - Colonists and Settlers
  • Unit 4 - Colonial Era and Revolutionary War
  • Unit 5 - Transportation
  • Unit 6 - Civil War Era

SOL kits available at Historic Smithfield contain unit outlines, reproducible maps plus:


  • Topographical wall map of the United States
  • Laminated Desk Map of Virginia
  • Laminated Desk Map of the United States and the World
  • Outline Map with activities “Virginia, An Original State”


  • The Upper James Atlas, by W.E. Trout, III
  • United States History Atlas, by Maps.com
  • Virginia Native Peoples, by Karla Smith
  • 13 colonies: Virginia:  The History of Virginia Colony 1607-1776, by Robert Wiener and James R. Arnold
  • Atlas of American History (Houghton Mifflin/Rand McNally)


  • Settling Along the Western Waters, by Scott Crawford